Top 7 Ways of Dictionary to Make Your Vocabulary strong in 2020

how to use the dictionary
how to make your vocabulary faster
Learn the right way to use the dictionary and strengthen your vocabulary faster.

Every one of us wants to use the best and correct word to describe the right situation. However, due to a lack of your vocabulary might be possible you would be unable to do so. Learn the right way to use the dictionary and make your vocabulary strong.

In today’s cut-throat world, everyone is required to be updated.

Either we are a businessman, an employee, a student or even we are self-employed we need to communicate with others in our daily life.

Communication has become the most important part of our life as it is the way we represent our thought and understand other’s feelings as well.

Not only this most competitive tests contain vocabulary-based questions.

Even in an interview, it would put a bad impression for now selecting the correct word.

Therefore, vocabulary is absolutely essential for good performance in the various interviews, presentations, and communicating with others. Moreover, an English dictionary can help you improve your vocabulary. Moreover, it also helps for a better understanding of the correct selection of words.

How to Use the Dictionary to make your vocabulary strong?

Make sure that the dictionary must be:

  1. It should be a regular size dictionary, not the pocket size
  2. It should be from English to English. If you want to know the Hindi or your regional language meaning of a word, you can keep a separate dictionary for that.
  3. It should also be full of examples and usage of the word in it.

Therefore, a dictionary that contains simply the word meanings is of very little use.

You’ll use the dictionary as long as it meets these conditions to make your vocabulary strong.

However, it’s also true that there is no bad book or bad content is except the one which is not used.

7 Important Points To make your vocabulary strong faster

  1. You should learn at least 20 new words daily. Know the meaning of the word and the correct placement or usage of those words. Moreover, you should also practice the pronunciation of the same. In fact, pronunciation is the very first thing with which a word entry begins. You’ll be able to use the Pronunciation Guide given within the dictionary.
  2. While reading something, it’s fascinating to own 2 things — a pen, and a diary. If you discover a new or troublesome word/phrase, it’s better not to research directly because it can obstruct the flow. Instead, underline or highlight such words and once finishing the article, use the dictionary for meanings. Now go back to the lines containing those highlighted words and re-read them for a better understanding.
  3. Noting down the meanings and usages in your diary is often a strong technique to retain them in memory.this can be the most effective possible dictionary you’ll ever have. Revise the diary contents usually in a very additive manner.
  4. Do NOT stop at the word meanings only as a lexicon is a treasure of invaluable information about all aspects of words.
  5. Whether a given word may be a noun or adjective or adverb or preposition or another form. If you actually wish to shine your language skills, it’s necessary to learn these variations.
  6. How not to use a given word. It may also tell you plenty regarding collocations. Collocation refers to how however words are used together or form fastened relationships.
  7. Which word to use in a particular situation. For instance, the words ask, inquire and demand may look similar meaning-wise but each one has a specific usage. Though all these mean to say something or to get information, however, they can not be used synonymously.

Sample sentences:

Ask: Say something as a question to get information e.g. “What are you doing? He asked me.

Enquire (formal): To ask for information: We called up the airport office to Enquire about the next flight.

Demand: Ask a question firmly: “What have you been doing all these days” she demanded firmly.

Keep the above tips in mind to make efficient use of the dictionary.

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